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Welcome back!

Posted on <abbr class='updated published' itemprop='datePublished' title='20170830'>August 30, 2017 - about 1 year</abbr> ago

&nbsp;Hi everyone! I hope you have had an awesome summer enjoying time in the sunshine with family and friends! &nbsp;We had a fantastic summer at the EFC thanks to the hard work from our fabulous Community Summer Programmer Jade. &nbsp;Now as the leaves start to drift lazily off the trees and kids get ready to head back to school, we are excited to head into another fabulous season of fall programming. Our opening day is Wednesday September 6 for some drop-in playtime between 9:30 - 1... More...

New Year New Space!

Posted on <abbr class='updated published' itemprop='datePublished' title='20160825'>August 25, 2016 - about 2 years</abbr> ago

We are so excited to kick off another wonderful season of programming on September 1! &nbsp;We are even more excited to be kicking off our new season in our new space at Oxbow Prairie Horizons School!!! &nbsp;You can find us at 809 Tupper St. in Oxbow (please enter through the north doors by ringing the doorbell!). &nbsp;You can find a copy of our Fall Program Guide under the Program Guide section of our website. &nbsp;We hope you will join us this fall for fabulous family programs!
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